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Introducing 'Word of the Day' on Lexico.com

Introducing 'Word of the Day' on Lexico.com

Well, needless to say, here at Entropy we like to keep things moving and constantly updated.

Thankfully our fab client, Dictionary.com, feels the exact same. Since the launch of Lexico.com back in June, we haven't stopped to take a breath, with a number of new enhancements to both the site as well as to the back-end keeping things moving along smoothly - namely Entropy's own Remarkable content management system.

Just this month, we introduced yet another new cool module to the homepage of Lexico.com, the 'Word of the Day' panel. Powered by Remarkable, Dictionary.com's Editors can now load a full rotation of words to be featured everyday on the site.

It's an exicitng little tweak to the site that should enhance every visit to Lexico.com, and is a great example of how we tie new features directly to our Remarkable system so that Dictionary.com can enjoy a seamless content management and editorial experience.

And we're not done yet - loads more to come soon - so head on over to Lexico.com to check out all the latest and greatest !